Ending Poverty,

The Muravah Foundation was started with the vision of helping bring rural communities in the Philippines out of poverty for good. Rather than just providing financial aid to these communities, we provide the resources and support to help create deep-rooted, sustainable, generational change.

How We Help

A message from our founder

G’day. When I started the sponsorship of 5 kids in a slum in Manila, I had no idea we would grow to who we are today. In the beginning, it was a case of sponsoring a few kids, which turned into sponsoring a whole family (including creating work for the parents), and it soon became adopting an entire community.

This meant rebuilding the elementary school and introducing a feeding program to keep the students alert and awake so that they could learn effectively. It meant building a brand-new health clinic capable of serving all emergency needs including child birth. And it also meant forming a farmer’s association to create work opportunities, providing input loans, creating a reliable water supply, environmental awareness initiatives and so much more.

For me, this is a life-long commitment. Moving people out of poverty is one thing, but keeping them out of poverty permanently is the ultimate goal, and I’m not leaving til the job is done.

Bob Murray

The impact of your donation

Because of our 100% donation reinvestment approach, your contribution can have a significant impact to the lives of those less fortunate. Below are some of the ways your donation can provide direct support:

Our major supporters & partners

We gratefully accept donations from many people and organisations, but would like to acknowledge these sponsors for their ongoing contribution, allowing us to plan and invest in larger and longer-term initiatives.

In particular, we would like to recognise Interface Landscapes and Epicentre, who contribute on a monthly basis which underwrites many of our larger initiative.

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