Ending Poverty, Permanently

The Muravah Foundation was started with the vision of helping bring rural communities in the Philippines out of poverty for good. Rather than just providing financial aid to these communities, we provide the resources and support to help create deep-rooted, sustainable, generational change.

We are currently operating in the farming communities surrounding Mt Mayon, in the Bicol region of the Philippines. We’ve been here on the ground for over 10 years. Many people from rural communities move to the city in search of opportunity, but often end up living in city slums. We believe by supporting farmers and helping them increase their yields they will stay in their local community. In addition, by building long term profitable enterprises people will return from the cities for a better life.

We are committed, focused and here for the long haul.

How We Help


Our education support began with providing all under privileged children within a single family the opportunity to complete their schooling through to university. Today, we’ve taken this initiative and implemented it at a grass roots level to provide more opportunities for impoverished children, sponsoring them and their siblings, from primary school, right through university.

We also provide resources and infrastructure to the elementary school we have adopted to create a space where children can learn and grow, with the ultimate goal of seeing them progressing through the education system and securing a job to support themselves.

Health Care

When faced with the kind of poverty where people can’t afford to feed themselves, major health issues are inevitable. Some can afford the Doctor’s consultation but not the medicine or hospitalization required to actually help them. And in poor areas premature death due to poverty is a serious issue.

In 2011 we completed the building of a new health centre. The previous centre had a leaking roof, smashed windows, no bed and no water. In October 2012, we added a toilet and kitchen which allowed the clinic to be officially registered as a baby delivery clinic. Previously women in labour would have to be transported to the hospital over very rough roads, putting them and their child at risk. We continue to provide support to the clinic in an ongoing capacity.

Job Creation

We believe helping people to be self-sufficient is key to helping them escape poverty. We established the Mayon Farmer’s Association, a community-based association that provides support and education to local farmers. Part of this initiative was providing a water supply, allowing the community to boost production through the irrigation of crop.

Another initiative that has proven successful, was the introduction of cacao crop farming. With an increased worldwide demand for chocolate, a decrease in production from established resources, the perfect climate for growing cocoa and a vast amount of vacant land, we saw our opportunity and took it.

There are now tens of thousands of cacao seedlings and trees, and we have built a cocoa processing plant, employing local workers. The chocolate is sold under a profit share arrangement, giving additional income back to the farmers.

Building Communities

As an impoverished community housing usually consists of thatching and leftover building materials. Combine this with the fact that typhoons are quite common in the Bicol region, and often homes and belongings are decimated when a storm comes through, setting families back as they need to try to rebuild. This year we commenced building brick and mortar bunker like structures, measuring 3m x 2.5m that provided more permanent housing for families. Currently we have built over 50, with funding for 10 more homes in the pipeline.

But building communities is also about connection and heart, not just bricks and mortar. We regularly organise a ‘Clean Up Barangay Sua Day’ to promote environmental awareness and pride for the community. The days are a huge success, with literally half the population turning up to help clean up their town. Children are active participants and those who attend receive an educational book and an ice-cream as a reward for their efforts.

A Message From Our Founder

G’day. When I started the sponsorship of 5 kids in a slum in Manila, I had no idea we would grow to who we are today. In the beginning, it was a case of sponsoring a few kids, which turned into sponsoring a whole family (including creating work for the parents), and it soon became adopting an entire community.

This meant rebuilding the elementary school and introducing a feeding program to keep the students alert and awake so that they could learn effectively. It meant building a brand-new health clinic capable of serving all emergency needs including child birth. And it also meant forming a farmer’s association to create work opportunities, providing input loans, creating a reliable water supply, environmental awareness initiatives and so much more.

For me, this is a life-long commitment. Moving people out of poverty is one thing, but keeping them out of poverty permanently is the ultimate goal, and I’m not leaving til the job is done.
Bob Murray

100% Reinvestment

We ensure that 100% of all donations are invested straight into the communities.

All of the Foundation’s paid administrative staff are from the communities themselves, giving them permanent employment often for the first time in their lives. The Board of Directors that oversees the Foundation receives no remuneration at all for their work.

The Muravah Foundation is fully endorsed by the Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund (Managed by RAWCS) and has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) registration. This means we are listed as a Charitable Fund and we can accept tax deductible donations from individuals or organisations.

The Impact Of Your Donation

Because of our 100% donation reinvestment approach, your contribution can have a significant impact to the lives of those less fortunate. Below are some of the ways your donation can provide direct support:


Provides seeds for 10 farmers for a season


The annual uniforms and book costs for a child to attend elementary or high school


The cost to plant and produce 1,000 cacao seedlings


Builds a typhoon-proof shelter that forms the core of a family home


Sends a student to university for 1 year


Feeds a family of 5 for 12 months

Our Major Supporters & Partners

We gratefully accept donations from many people and organisations, but would like to acknowledge these sponsors for their ongoing contribution, allowing us to plan and invest in larger and longer-term initiatives.

In particular, we would like to recognise Interface Landscapes and Epicentre, who contribute on a monthly basis which underwrites many of our larger initiative.

Interested In Making A Contribution?

We rely on donations to support our current initiatives as well as fund our future projects. The Muravah Foundation ensures that 100% of donations are invested into the communities. You can be assured that your contribution is supporting our philosophy of ending poverty permanently within these communities. We are a registered charity under the Rotary RAAWCS program and all donations are tax deductible.

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